Under the stars, lay a man whos luck was as dark as the night. Most walk past, some throw a coin, one or two stop to enquire. His life fell through his hands and while younger than he looks, he is older than the hour. For a reason or two he lost his family, he lost his friends, he lost his way.

But this story does not stay down for long, oh no, for within the cradle of just one moment in just one day, he got up and made a change, and we find our tale reach up from the alley to the lights. Those twinkling beacons attracted a man, hopeless and cold to the warm beating heart on which they adorned. The breathing, bellowing, big top.

Families stagger across the grass, squinting towards their intriguing travelling quests. Curiosity became them all and now they are here… and so is he; That Poor Thin Man, that Drunk.


– Click the parchment to absorb the tale of the Poor Thin Man. –

It’s currently spring ’17 and this tale has indeed emerged into a song, it may surface, when the weather is fair alongside it’s sibling ‘The Heirophant and the Hermit‘ on an Ep, or live video.

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Love from the Imaginarium of Eli Impresario