Frequently asked questions

Here are a few questions that I have recieved from the livestreams. I’ll add more in time.

What engine powers the boat?

Beta Marine 43HP

Fuel Consumption

1 Litre of diesel fuel per hour… ish (This is a massive estimation)

How old is Phyllis May?

Narrowboat Phyllis May was built in 1990 by R&D boatbuilders. I found the boat in a yard being sold after years of neglect and having been seized by the Canal Trust

How do you power things below deck?

All of the electrical systems are powered by a battery bank. This is charged mostly by the solar panels you can see on the roof on livestreams and when the engine is running, there is a secondary alternator that charges the battery bank. During the wintertime when the light levels are much lower, I may use the engine occasionaly to top up the chargein the battery bank. 

Water is heated by the engine’s heat exchanger or by an immersion heater.

How long have you lived aboard?

I restored Phyllis May during the summer of 2020. I moved aboard at the end of this time, I think it was September. 

Where can you travel on a Narrowboat?

Apparently there are over 2000 miles of navigable waterways in the U.K.

Check it out here:

Canal Trust Map